Enhance the energy efficiency of your house with DuoGlass double glazed doors and windows

Properties for sale are subject to some mandatory energy efficiency disclosure requirements already, with more programs to be implemented in the future.

Enhancing the energy efficiency of your house with DuoGlass double glazed doors and windows not only improves the star rating of your most valuable asset - it adds considerably to the resale value of your home.


With the latest German multipoint locking hardware and steel reinforced welded frames and sashes you can rest assured you're making life very difficult for burglars.

Feeling safe and secure is a good thing.

Burglaries are often committed by the opportunist who gains quick and easy access into your home through flimsy and ineffective sliding window frames and cheap and basic locks.

Energy Efficiency

In an average home, standard doors and windows comprise only 10% of the building envelope, yet they're responsible for an incredible 80% of energy lost through heating and cooling.

Improving the performance of heating and cooling in your home with DuoGlass double glazed windows and doors reduces your contribution to greenhouse gas emissions and helps you do your bit for a healthier environment.

You would imagine in a country as tech-savvy as Australia that double glazing would be more prevalent, but until recently most of us were content to literally throw money out the window by installing bigger and hungrier heating and cooling systems to compensate for our climate.

With increasing power and resource costs, more and more people are seeking ways to decrease their energy consumption and save money on power bills.

Thermal Comfort

Enjoy the delicious frosty cool inside your house in the middle of sweltering summer heat, and stop your cosy warmth escaping during the winter months while halving your air-con and heating running costs.

Our profiles are manufactured in Germany specifically for Australian conditions.