Thermal Comfort

Enjoy the delicious frosty cool inside your house in the middle of sweltering summer heat, and stop your cosy warmth escaping during the winter months while halving your air-con and heating running costs.

Control the summer heat of Perth with double glazed doors and windows, and rid your home of chilling drafts, condensation, mouldy cills and icy mornings.

Most people prefer a comfortable temperature, both in the home and at the office - and sweating it out in the heat of summer or shivering in the morning chill during winter certainly isn't comfortable.

Whilst modern air conditioning systems will provide both cool and warm air, it comes at a price and most of this price is wasted through old fashioned, conventional single glazing with poor edge seals. Those cheap window seals are also letting the hot air into your house in summer and out of it in winter, with most types of single glazing offering very little in the way of insulation. That feeling of drafts wrapping around your feet as you gingerly step out of your cosy bed can make getting up in the morning a real trial. Conversely, waking up in the middle of a summer's night all hot and sticky and uncomfortable after tossing and turning is no great shakes either. Usually.

As Perth's double glazed windows and doors manufacturer, DuoGlass will give you back the comfort without wasting your money on unnecessary cooling and heating bills.

Our double glazed doors and windows can reduce the impact of Perth's summer heat gain by up to 50%, meaning that it will be late afternoon before there is any need for the air conditioner. By using performance glazing, an outside temperature of 30+ degrees can be reduced inside the home to just 24 degrees and that's without the use of an air conditioner.

And by reducing the use of your air conditioner and gas or timber fireplace, you are helping to reduce the use of natural resources, making your contribution to a greener country even easier.

You'll love the comfort of a DuoGlass home.

Our profiles are manufactured in Germany specifically for Australian conditions.