Energy Efficiency

In an average home, standard doors and windows comprise only 10% of the building envelope, yet they're responsible for an incredible 80% of energy lost through heating and cooling.

Improving the performance of heating and cooling in your home with DuoGlass double glazed windows and doors reduces your contribution to greenhouse gas emissions and helps you do your bit for a healthier environment.

Letting the precious natural resources of power leak out of your home or office isn't great.

Our uPVC windows and doors meet and often exceed energy efficiency standards. By reducing heat and cool-loss and minimising draughts, you'll be less reliant on artificial heating and cooling in your home. Having your air conditioner on less often or at a lower temperature cuts down on the amount of fossil fuels needed to heat your home, reducing the carbon dioxide that goes into the atmosphere.

DuoGlass uPVC windows and doors are multi-chambered with thermal breaks to regulate the temperature inside your home by conserving the cool air in summer and warm air in winter.

We also offer energy-saving glass technology: coated low emissivity glass which reflects heat.

With the largest factory in the country, DuoGlass can install double glazing Perth-wide and around Western Australia. In the spirit of saving, DuoGlass double glazed windows cost from just $1800, not the earth.

You'll love the energy efficiency of a DuoGlass office or home.

Our profiles are manufactured in Germany specifically for Australian conditions.