With the latest German multipoint locking hardware and steel reinforced welded frames and sashes you can rest assured you're making life very difficult for burglars.

Feeling safe and secure is a good thing.

Burglaries are often committed by the opportunist who gains quick and easy access into your home through flimsy and ineffective sliding window frames and cheap and basic locks.

DuoGlass uPVC windows and doors will greatly increase the security of your office or home compared to old fashioned, traditional aluminium and timber alternatives.

DuoGlass double glazed windows and doors feature locking deadbolts, mushroom pins and factory fitted gaskets as well as UPVC frames reinforced with steel chambers. Our glazing beads are fitted to the inside of the window so intruders will not be able to prise them out from outside; how is your glass held in?

Although assembled in Perth, window and doors systems used at DuoGlass are tested in Germany to rigorous security and safety standards - if it doesn't pass we won't offer it to you as a secure product. 

You'll love the security of DuoGlass double glazing in your home or office.

Our profiles are manufactured in Germany specifically for Australian conditions.