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DuoGlass Brochure
Free DuoGlass Brochure Download

Ready to learn more about DuoGlass and the benefits of double glazing?

Our new DuoGlass brochure is here! We’ve put together this brochure to help you understand our products, from our window and door frames through to our Insulated Glass Units (IGUs).

The decision to install double glazing in your home or other property is an investment and one that we take seriously. This brochure explains how it will impact your lifestyle, your home’s value, and a more sustainable future.

We go into the nitty-gritty of uPVC frames and how you can benefit from the superior performance of energy-efficient windows. Discover our various product types, as well as colour and style options.

It even includes some before and after photos of different double glazed window and door projects we have completed across Perth!

Simply complete the form and your brochure will be emailed to you in the next few minutes.

Prefer to speak to someone in person, or want a specific quote based on your home and needs? Call us on 1300 386 452 or visit one of our five Perth showrooms. We also have virtual consults available, where we can help you find exactly what’s right for you – from the comfort of your own home.