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Discover the wide range of reasons you should choose DuoGlass for your commercial project.

Why should you consider double glazing for your commercial property? The benefits include:

  • Noise reduction

Whether you need to keep noise out or in, double glazing offers extraordinary benefits when it comes to managing sound in your premises, particularly if you are located close to a high traffic area or have noisy businesses nearby.

Our uPVC frames with built-in insulating chambers, larger air gap, compression seals and high-performance glass options can reduce your perception of unwanted noise by up to 80%.

DuoGlass can reduce noise levels to 45db, which is between whispering (40db) and normal conversation (60db).

  • Thermal comfort

During winter, up to 40% of the stored heat in your building is lost through the windows, while in summer, up to 87% of unwanted heat gain comes in through the windows.

DuoGlass double glazing is the solution. In winter, it can keep your premises warmer by capturing and storing the heat, and in summer, it forms a stronger barrier to the sun, keeping internal areas cooler and protected from the harshest UV rays.

Preserving a constant indoor temperature year-round means a more comfortable environment for everyone in the building.

  • Energy efficiency

Inefficient commercial windows can be the greatest source of heat gain or loss in your building.

By boosting the thermal performance of your glass doors and windows and preserving the internal temperature, you will have a much-reduced reliance on artificial heating and cooling.

This will not only lower your energy costs all year round but will also give you the reassurance of meeting your sustainability goals with an energy-efficient business and a significantly lower carbon footprint.

  • Security

DuoGlass double glazed commercial windows and doors are sealed tighter and are harder to break than regular windows. The glazing beads are fitted to the inside of the window, so intruders will not be able to prise their way in.

Along with the premium locking deadbolts and factory-fitted gaskets, the frame also contributes to the window’s strength and security.

DuoGlass uPVC window frames, which are reinforced with steel inside the main chambers, are tested in Germany to rigorous security and safety standards.

Welcoming showrooms

We have five showrooms in WA, where our highly skilled designers will be on hand to discuss your individual needs with you.