More money in your pocket

With DuoGlass double glazing in your office or home you’ll be putting more money in your pocket each month and less into the pockets of the power companies.

With double glazing in Australia becoming more popular as energy ratings are enforced, installing DuoGlass double glazing can drastically reduce electricity bills because of the technology of the glazing. Insulated Glazed Units (IGUs) create a thermal break, reducing the transference of both hot and cold air into and out of your home. That means you keep more of what you want inside and more of what you don’t on the outside.

With a naturally cooler or warmer office or home, depending on the season, you start saving money on energy bills immediately. And with energy prices set to continue rising, now is the time to make an investment in protecting your wallet from unexpected costs.

You’ll love the savings DuoGlass double glazed windows can bring your Perth home or office.

Welcoming showrooms

We have five showrooms in WA, where our highly skilled designers will be on hand to discuss your individual needs with you.