Double Glazing Adds Value To Your Home

Making money from your property; imagine that.

Even in today’s turbulent market, when you double glazed windows to your home, property experts agree you’ll be adding value.

Add value to your home with double glazingThe value to your home when you double glaze windows is immediately apparent both intangibly as a feeling and aesthetically, and in real cash. Already, home owners are enjoying increases of over 10% just by improving the energy rating of their property by half a star.

Here in Perth windows and doors installed by DuoGlass are key items that tell potential home buyers you’ve modernised your home or built it with an understanding of thermal technology. And savvy buyers know that a property that has been looked after and is designed for long term sustainable living is a property worth buying.

We use the finest German-engineered window frames for a product that is 100% rot-proof and more secure, more energy efficient and more durable than traditional aluminium and timber frames.

So if you appreciate the difference between an expense and an investment, contact us for a free no obligation quote to add value to your most important asset- your home.

You’ll love the added value of a DuoGlass home.

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