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Sleep easy and enjoy the quiet life

Sleep. One of the joys of life, if you are able to get enough of it.

A restful sleep will heal the body, calm the mind, reduce anxiety and keep unwanted health issues at bay.

Unfortunately, 4 in 10 Australians aren’t getting enough restful sleep and for some, life can get a bit harder every time the alarm clock goes off.* A noisy environment is one of the factors contributing to the lack of rest, be it night time or in the case of shift workers, daytime.

Whilst there are many ways of trying to nod off into that all-important 8 hours, a long term solution to poor sleep caused by noise is simple: cut out the noise!

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Millions of Europeans already enjoy the benefits of better sleep by cutting out unwanted noise, be it passing traffic, overhead aeroplanes or even neighbours.

Here in Perth, double glazing installation for your bedroom will give you the chance to have a better sleep, day or night. In fact, by investing in your home with double glazed windows or glass doors by Duoglass, any room can benefit from a drastic reduction in noise, giving you back your haven of peace and quiet.

Our non-conductive uPVC frames with built-in insulating chambers, larger air gap, compression seals and high performance glass options can reduce your perception of unwanted noise by up to 80%, at a low cost.

DuoGlass can reduce noise levels to 45db, which is between whispering (40db) and normal conversation (60db)

* 01 April 2019

Hear the difference for yourself

Hear the difference for yourself in this video we recently filmed at a client’s home who lives on a busy and loud road. Turn up your volume to hear the huge noise reduction that a DuoGlass window creates!

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