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Questions and answers

What are the advantages of double glazing?

One of the most common questions we are asked would be “Will the benefits of double glazing be worth the investment?”

With soaring energy bills, energy saving is the name of the game, keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter. As up to 80% of heat is gained or lost through standard 3mm window panes and substandard seals, double glazing will dramatically reduce your energy bills.

You also get peace and quiet from the noisy outside world, improved security with our multi-point locking systems and freedom from the hassles of condensation and the accompanying mould and swollen cills.

Unlike other framing materials, the uPVC framing we use is designed specifically for double glazing. Our Greenline Kömmerling 70mm multi chamber uPVC frames are part of the reason why we can offer the most thermally efficient double glazed windows in Australia.

The benfits of DuoGlass double glazing include:

  • Noise reduction up to 80%
  • Added security, multi-point locking
  • Energy saving
  • Saltwater resistant – ideal for coastal applications
  • Very low maintenance
  • Adds value to property
  • UV stabilised, designed for harsh Australian conditions
  • One piece welded frames and sashes

What's the point of double glazing in Australia? Isn't it for cold climates in Europe?

A common misconception shared by many Australians is that insulation is primarily needed for protection against heat loss; in fact cooling a home can use up to three times the energy of heating it! Installing DuoGlass double glazed windows and doors in your home makes it cheaper and easier to stay comfortable all year round. Europe is simply far more stringent than we are in energy efficiency standards.

UPVC - what is it and what does it stand for?

PVC stands for Poly Vinyl Chloride. The “u” means that the PVC is unplasticised, which results in making the material rigid. PVC is a major thermoplastic material used in a wide variety of applications and products. The essential raw materials for PVC are derived from salt and oil. The electrolysis of salt water produces chlorine, which combine with ethylene, obtained from oil, to provide vinyl chloride monomer (VCM). Molecules of VCM are polymerised to perform PVC resin, to which appropriate proprietary additives are incorporated to make a customised PVC compound.

Can I replace my existing windows with your UPVC systems?

Upgrading your standard windows and doors with one of our uPVC double glazed systems is easier than you might think, and every week more and more people are experiencing the amazing difference. Because we custom make every one of our windows to order, it doesn’t matter what size they are, what type they are or where they are, we can always come up with a design that’s right for you. Call us on 1300 386 452 for a free design and quote and you could soon be enjoying your own double glazed doors and windows!

How long will it take to make and install the windows?

Our installation teams only remove the windows they’re fitting on the day, so you’ll be locked up and secure when they down tools each day.

I live on the busy main road, can your windows reduce the traffic noise?

YES most definitely. Our window system is designed to reduce perceived noise by up to 80% (~45dB). Thanks to innovative frame design and superior positive compression seals, your DuoGlass uPVC windows can be specifically tailored to combat noise-based problems. Double glazing accommodates a variety of glass thickness and types allowing the product to reach high acoustic control requirements. Ideally suited to inner city installations, hospitals, retirement villages, main road site applications and more, DuoGlass can turn your discordant dwelling into a harmonious haven.

Are UPVC windows available in the same style as aluminium and timber?

There are very few limitations when using uPVC, in most cases we can use our systems to create the same style as aluminium or timber systems. We also have our own innovative designs, which are constantly being updated. The usual styles, casement, awning, tilt and turn, fixed and sliders are all available using our uPVC system. If you like the look of traditional colonial bar, but aren’t keen on the cleaning, ask us about our internally mounted options.

Does the UPVC profile stand up to Australian UV levels?

The short answer to this is – Yes, the frame we use does, but others may not.

The polymer industry worldwide has been developed to an extremely sophisticated level. Plastics are now widely used in such applications as NASA space crafts. The science of the industry has advanced to the point where the plastics available to the building sector are of incredible strength and durability.

Like all products in all industries, the quality may vary with the integrity of the manufacturer. The Kömmerling ‘Greenline’™ profile is second to none when it comes to quality allowing absolute confidence in the stability of the uPVC composition and colour. It, along with our Salamander profile both come with a 10-year warranty against deterioration. They have been confidently installed in the harshest of climates worldwide. By contrast, most manufacturers’ windows only come with a 6-year warranty!

Condensation - how does UPVC reduce or eliminate it?

The lack of thermal conductivity of uPVC eliminates condensation on the profile. The glass units are sealed with a primary and secondary seal which ensures that there are no condensation problems between the glass panes.

In addition, not only is the ‘Super Spacer’® silica impregnated to absorb any trace of moisture within the unit, the units themselves are argon filled, so can be assembled and sealed without danger of being affected by changing ambient conditions on our high-tech glazing line. Keeping the internal glass temperature higher than the external one makes it a lot harder for moisture to condense on it.

How does UPVC stand up to fire?

uPVC does not support combustion but will char, and stays in place longer than painted timber.
The self extinguishing uPVC will not burn on its own as it is resistant to ignition. DuoGlass windows are suitable for BAL19 and even higher with shutters and screens.

What profile colours are available?

At present white is the most popular colour due to its thermal resistance and universal aesthetic compatibility. Ivory, Anthracite and Golden Oak are available, and additional foiled colours are available with extended lead time.

We also offer colours in the Rehau range such as Ceylon (black/brown) and Silver on special order, so if you want something a little different or need a coloured solution, we can help.

We have prepared a number of videos to help you visualise our different colour profiles. Check out our Black Frames video filmed at our Osborne Park showroom or the wood-look frames featured in this Karrinyup case study.

What can be done if the profile is scratched, smoke damaged or burnt?

With the white profile the colour goes right through the profile, so scratches and marks can be sanded out completely and polished smooth to bring it back to as good as new.

Will the windows withstand the cyclonic conditions that sometimes occur in Australia?

All our double glazed windows and glass doors are internally reinforced and have been tested to withstand some of the worst conditions the West Coast has to offer. Thanks to months of comprehensive testing and trials we have NATA approved and certified reports to prove how strong and efficient our systems are. Our profiles are incredibly versatile and elements can be designed to meet specific wind loadings in different areas. The frames and sashes are all fusion welded with v-notched and reverse butt welded transoms and mullions. Designs we manufacture can be suitable for conditions up to category D2 in cyclonic regions.

What are the environmental impacts?

The Kömmerling product we use is totally lead free and fully recyclable. “Green” is not a fad; it is a way of life that we must all adapt to if our children are to have the same quality of life we now enjoy. The environmental impact of any product must be measured from cradle to grave, taking into account the impact of each phase of its life cycle. uPVC is a safe choice in all phases. uPVC requires substantially fewer resources to produce than metal alternatives. When uPVC is used as a substitute for wood precious hardwood forests are spared. uPVC joinery lasts longer and needs little maintenance and no painting. The long life means fewer resources are needed to replace it later, and the low maintenance spares the environment exposure to harsh chemicals involved with preservatives, paint and associated solvents. Being easily recyclable, initiatives are already in place re-using pelletised offcuts and old windows to make new, superior top grade uPVC sections for further fabrication.

Do you work with builders/owner builders?

DuoGlass has worked hand in hand successfully with everyone from major builders to owner-builders working on granny flats and we are happy to schedule installations weeks and months in advance to meet deadlines and installation requirements, or supply and deliver to site as needed. We have details for ICF, SIPS, double brick, Hebel, brick veneer, timber and steel stud frames- we’ve even installed windows to shipping containers and hay bale housing! Call us and we’ll happily discuss your project needs in detail.

What is the real cost of double glazing?

DuoGlass is about much more than an ordinary glass door or double-glazed window. With DuoGlass you get more value with 6 unique benefits of double glazing.

DUOGLASS - a cost or an investment?

DuoGlass double glazing isn’t just a window; it’s a precision driven technology that will actually save and make you money.
A traditional window or door – especially in an aluminium frame – is nothing more than something to look through or walk through. It is designed simply to cover a hole in your wall, something that will let the light in and will let you see out. Usually they’re pretty good at keeping out insects.

Unfortunately in summer, windows and doors also let hot air in and cool air out, and in winter, let the chill in while letting all the warmth escape – exactly what you don’t want. When you upgrade from a simple window or door to a DuoGlass product, you get 6 extra benefits that you simply cannot get from single piece of traditional window glass- no matter what the salesman says.

The cost of DuoGlass is determined by you. We have many styles and glazing options, allowing you to reduce noise , or – by using our most technologically advanced glass – help keep the inside of your double glazed window and therefore your home at 24 degrees, no matter what the temperature is outside.
And while DuoGlass gives you an extra 6 benefits, thankfully it’s not 6 times the price. With fully installed windows starting from less than $1000, you can take your time to renovate one window at a time, or if you prefer, we can do the whole project in one go.
Good quality double glazing isn’t cheap, but we don’t think you would want cheap looking windows and doors. We think you want a durable double glazing solution that will last a long time, save you money on your bills and make you money on your home.

You’ll love the investment of DuoGlass in your office or home.

How does double glazing work against bushfires?

Double glazed windows and doors can help protect your home in the case of a bushfire. The uPVC used by DuoGlass is non-combustible and self-extinguishing, making it a superior choice compared to traditional wood frames. Double glazing is also less likely to shatter due to the heat from a fire, providing a higher level of protection for your home contents during a bushfire.

Can a pet door be installed in a double glazed door?

Yes, it sure can! Durable and practical Pet Doors can be installed in all our types of double glazed doors with a professional finish that suits the aesthetic of your home. Find out more here.



Leading the way in European architecture and window manufacture for more than three decades, uPVC is considered exceedingly environmentally responsible due to its lifespan, recyclability, ease of manufacture and high energy-saving characteristics. Judged against alternatives such as timber and Aluminium in independent life cycle assessments uPVC comes out on top.


At DuoGlass Perth’s window glazing factory, we use Kömmerling ‘Greenline’™ German-engineered uPVC, widely regarded as the finest glass door and window profile material available. We also stock Rehau coloured profile for those looking for alternative coloured finishes.

A synthetic thermoplastic, uPVC surpasses other materials on the market in terms of durability, heat and noise insulation, low environmental impact and versatility of use.


  • Innovative and modern style
  • Contemporary designs
  • Capable of fitting any property
  • Caters to a variety of tastes
  • Looks stunning in both retrofits and new builds.
  • Easy to maintain ‘as new’ appearance.
  • Designs to suit everything from ultra modern to heritage styles.


  • Ideal for buildings close to the sea.
  • Long-lasting properties make it ideal for high-rise and major developments.
  • Adheres to Australian Standards AS1288, 2047, 4666, 2208.
  • Adheres to European Standards EN12207, EN12208, EN12210.


  • Extremely durable.
  • No painting or maintenance necessary.
  • Surpasses international standards.
  • Insulates against heat and sound.
  • Environmentally responsible.


  • Capable of withstanding heavy weather.
  • Unaffected by heavy rain, snow, strong sun or coastal atmosphere.
  • Rot proof.
  • Corrosion proof.
  • Not prone to warping like timber.
  • Incredible UV stability.

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