Added protection during bushfire season

Bushfires & Double Glazed Windows And Doors

If you live in a bushfire-prone region and want increased peace of mind and protection for your home – look no further than DuoGlass double glazed windows and doors. Built from non-combustible and self-extinguishing uPVC, our frames are better suited to bushfire-prone areas than traditional wooden window frames.

Protecting Your Home During A Bushfire

When protecting your home in the case of a bushfire, the loss of windows or doors from intense heat can allow fire to get inside your home and cause damage quicker. Installing windows and doors which can retain their integrity during a bushfire is important to the survival of your home. It is important to consider that the survival of your home during a bushfire will not depend solely on the ability of your doors and windows to survive radiant heat. DuoGlass double glazing should be used in conjunction with specialised wall cladding, roofing and fire clearing near the property.


Installing Double Glazed Windows And Doors To Protect Your Home

For more information on how DuoGlass can help protect your home from radiant heat and damage during a bushfire, contact us today to organise a free measure and quote.
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