Easy to use

DuoGlass’ double glazed sliding doors are a convenient and space-saving choice for all styles of homes and apartments. The smooth sliding action makes the doors an ease to use – and they offer a secure triple-locking system giving you peace of mind with their high level of security.

The combined features of air-tight seals and double glazed technology blocks most noise, external air draft and minimises external temperature penetration (i.e. reducing heat and cold penetration through the glass, unlike a single paned sliding door).

The double glazed sliding doors are UV resistant, which means they far outlast timber and standard aluminium framed systems. And they require almost no maintenance.

If you’re interested in larger spans for your doorway, you might like to consider our Premi Lift and Slide option, which is a unique product to DuoGlass in Western Australia. The Premi sliding door system can be built in sizes up to nearly 6 metres long and 2.5 m high for the ultimate alfresco exit and maximising of views to the outside.

Welcoming showrooms

We have five showrooms in WA, where our highly skilled designers will be on hand to discuss your individual needs with you.