Elegant & space-saving

DuoGlass’ tilt and slide doors combine the elegance and space saving characteristics of sliding doors with the added bonus that comes with double glazing.

When closed, the combined features of air-tight seals and double glazed technology blocks external air draft and minimises external temperature penetration (i.e. reducing heat and cold penetration through the window, unlike a standard single-paned sliding doors).

The tilt and slide doors offer the standard “sliding” functionality in addition to a tilt option, which allows air flow without ‘leaving a door open’. This functionality allows air flow without compromising safety and security of leaving a door open, as the door is hinged at the base allow space at the top for air flow.

The double glazed tilt and slide doors appear the same as a standard glass sliding door, but massively outperforms standard glass with its superior noise reduction and insulation qualities, which only comes with double glazing, due to our superior uPVC Frame, and Argon Filled Insulated Glass Units (IGU’s).

Welcoming showrooms

We have five showrooms in WA, where our highly skilled designers will be on hand to discuss your individual needs with you.