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Feeling safe and secure

Burglaries are often committed by opportunists who gains quick and easy access into your home because of old fashioned, flimsy aluminium frames and sub-par locking mechanisms. Some of the ‘new’ windows people are putting in their houses are the SAME cheap, ineffective extrusions that have been on the market for thirty years!

DuoGlass uPVC windows and doors will greatly increase the security of your office or home compared to old fashioned, traditional aluminium and timber alternatives. Have a closer look at your old windows and doors and then compare them with modern European systems… if you think you could break in, imagine what experienced burglars think of the security level.

DuoGlass double glazed windows and doors feature locking deadbolts and factory fitted gaskets as well as uPVC frames reinforced with steel inside the main chambers. Our glazing beads are fitted to the inside of the window so intruders will not be able to prise their way in.

Although assembled in Perth, window and doors from DuoGlass are tested in Germany to rigorous security and safety standards – if it doesn’t pass we won’t offer it to you as a secure product.

You’ll love the security of DuoGlass double glazing.

Welcoming showrooms

We have five showrooms in WA, where our highly skilled designers will be on hand to discuss your individual needs with you.